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In 2001, Certified Billing Solutions, Inc., (CBSI), was formed to provide the medical community with Prompt, Accurate and Efficient Medical Claims Billing Services.

CBSI has over 50 years experience in the HealthCare and Insurance Industry fields. We know what it takes to get a claim paid because we have the insurance industry experience of paying those same claims.  We understand the clinical aspect as well and have the coding experience to accurately code your claims for Electronic Submission.

We Provide Payment Solutions – Not Excuses

All of this experience, clinical and technical expertise equates to fast, accurate, and increased reimbursement for your practice. This allows you and your personnel to focus on practicing medicine.

fast accurate medical insurance claims billing
Medical insurance claims paid fast and accurate at Certified Billing Solutions, Inc.

Fast, Accurate Electronic Claims Submittal

We use the latest HIPAA compliant Electronic Claims Submittal Technology and strive to resolve 100% of all claims submittals.

This means you get your money faster and more accurately. Each and every claim is followed through to resolution.

Best of all, payments go directly you – not us!

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Electronic Claims Submittal

Claims submitted electronically are processed more quickly, resulting in faster payment with increased accuracy to reduce claim rejections.

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Coordination of Benefits...

...is our responsibility, NOT YOURS. We automatically file for secondary payments when there's 2 insurance's involved.

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Claims Research & Resolution

With over 50 years of claims experience, we have claims research down to a science with over a 98% initial resolution rate.

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Adjudication & Follow-up

Electronic adjudication & posting of payments provides faster & more accurate payments. Reporting easily identifies claims that need further review and follow up.

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Patient Responsibility

Unlike other agencies, if there is a patient balance, we bill the patient directly for 3 billing cycles.

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Collection Agency Referral

If all attempts to collect a patient balance are unsuccessful, we refer the account to the collection agency of your choice for further action.

Don't think you need our services?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you filing your claims electronically using HIPAA compliant technology?
  • Are you getting paid by the secondary insurance?
  • Are you collecting patient balances?
  • Are all of your claims getting paid fast and accurately?
  • Are you paying your staff to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies to find out why a claim wasn’t paid or if a claim was paid correctly?
  • Are you and your staff buried in paperwork and your receivables out of control?
CBSI will relieve your billing stress
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What makes us so successful?

It’s really very simple.

Our Results

We only get paid on what’s collected, so We need to be 100% results oriented or We don’t get paid.

For over 20 years, CBSI has been successfully handling the chore of Medical Claims Billing for many satisfied clients. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

If You Don’t Get Paid, We Don’t Get Paid!

CBSI helps increase your revenues

Get Back to Practicing Medicine

Let CBSI take over the chore of Medical Claims Billing so you can concentrate on the care and wellbeing of your patients.

Nobody works harder to get you your money.